Recorded and mixed by Michele Guaitoli @ DM Studio, Gorizia (Italy);
Mastered by Sascha Paeth @ Gate Studio, Hamburg (Germany);
Artworks: Michele Guaitoli;
Booklet: Michele Guaitoli;

Released by:
Sleaszy Rider Records (2013)


  1. The maze
  2. Under the northern star
  3. Of nightmares
  4. Savior
  5. Empty trails
  6. Consequences
  7. In the middle of nowhere
  8. Programmed to serve
  9. A different point of view
  10. The oracle

Additional Synths, Keyboards, Orchestral Arrangements, Pianos, Vocal Lines and Choirs Composed by Michele Guaitoli
Guitar Solos for tracks 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 recorded by Stefano D’Amore

Choirs: Beatrice Burelli, Caterina Piccolo, Caterina Stabile, Elisa Coppola, Federico Ahrens, Gabriele Gustin, Luca De Pauli, Marco Rosa, “Max” Stanta

All songs and lyrics written by Overtures, except for “In the middle of nowhere” written by Overtures & Lorenzo Zottar, all right reserved.

Guitar solos on tracks 1 & 10 by Marco Falanga; Guitar solos on track 6 by Adriano Crasnich; Guitar solos on tracks 2,3,4,5,7,8 & 9 by Stefano D’Amore.


Savior Official Videoclip
Director, special fx & editing: Simone Vrech
Director of photography: Piermaria Agostini
Stylist: Rachele Colle
Make up: Athena Blake, Alessia Pinna
Production assistance: Matteo Focesi, Patrick Chiarvesio, Andrea Attollino, Giorgio Magnarin, Michael Snidaro
Cast: Daniele Banovaz, Chiara Pasqualini

Fly, Angel Official Videoclip
Director: Simone Vrech
Director of photography: Emanuele Guerra
Make up: Mary Fabbro
Cast: Emanuele Furlani, Enrica Fajdiga

Savior – The making of
Director: Marco Clari
Production assistance: Gaia Virginia Moimas

Entering the Studio – Live in studio Set

1 – Daemons
2 – Under the northern star
3 – My nameis fear
4 – The maze
5 – A different point of view

Director & Editing: Stefano Casasola
Recorded by Alberto Nicoli @ The Groove Factory Studio, Udine (Italy)
Mixed & mastered by Michele Guaitoli @ The Groove Factory Studio, Udine (Italy)
Camera assistants: Stefano Casasola, Matteo Vivona, Matteo Cefarin, Gabriele
Additional support: Elisa Coppola, Nicole Dubini, Stefano Palaferri, Alessio Turchetti, Beatrice Burelli, Elena Guaitoli

Additional Bonus Content:
– Daemons (from a very different point of view);
– Pirate song (Running Wild Cover);
– DVD playable “Entering the Maze” album;

DVD Programming: Stefano Casasola