Recorded and mixed by Michele Guaitoli @ The Groove Factory Studio, Udine (Italy);
Mastered by Olaf Reitmeier @ Gate Studio, Hamburg (Germany);
Artworks: Franziskus Plefghart;
Booklet: Michele Guaitoli;
Released by: Sleaszy Rider Records (2016)


  1. Repentance
  2. Artifacts
  3. GO(L)D
  4. As candles we burn
  5. Profiled
  6. Unshared worlds
  7. My refuge
  8. New dawn, new dusk
  9. Teardrop
  10. Angry animals
  11. Savior (Alternative Version – Bonus Track)

Additional Synths, Keyboards, Orchestral Arrangements, Pianos, Vocal Lines and Choirs Composed by Michele Guaitoli
Guitar Solos by Marco Falanga

Choirs: Alessia Scolletti, Caterina Piccolo, Axel Lessio, Federico Ahrens, Simone Floreani, Luca De Pauli, Marco Rosa, “Max” Stanta

All songs and lyrics written by Overtures, all right reserved.

Additional lead vocals on ‘Teardrop’ by Marco Pastorino & Caterina Piccolo
Additional orchestras and synths on ‘Teardrop’ and ‘My refuge’ by Paolo Campitelli
Additional analog synths and moogs by Luca Zanon
Additional cellos by Luca Bregant