Silent observer

(Lyrics by Guaitoli; Music by Luka Klanjscek)

I’m watching towns from these mountains
where shades will never rise,
in a land born from dreams,
rocked by the wind.
Frozen in dawns made of flames
where I’ll close my eyes,
I’m waiting for the lights
of the sun.

And now that times leaves me lost
in this hale ethereal world
I should know, I should know
where I am to go.
But wrapped in my mind
I can’t even find
a way to escape
from the dark.

(Guitar solo by Daniele Piccolo & Marco Falanga)

Whisperings coming from nowhere
catching my eyes and soul
slowly sing healthy tales
lost in their breaths.
Finally flames turned in rays
are building a gate.
With hope and with faith, there
I stand still.

(Guitar solo by Daniele Piccolo)