Welcome aboard to our new guitarist: Thomas Titze

This week will be the one in which we’ll get back on stage after the European-tour with Temperance, starting a new string of shows that will begin this Friday and Saturday at Pilutti’s Pub Udine and at the Traffic Live Club in Rome, where we’ll join Sailing To Nowhere‘s release party…

14.04: Overtures + Roxin Palace live at Pilutti’s Pub
15.04: Sailing to Nowhere – Release Party + guests at Traffic, Roma

…but the huge news of this week we’ll regard our line up! As you know, during the European tour we’ve welcomed Massimiliano Pistore as new guitarist, and we couldn’t find a better guy both for kindness and technique!

…during the auditions another guy stole our ears and minds too, thanks to his great skill, his amazing way of playing and his unique and peculiar attitude!

On the road we had a lot of time to share our ideas, all together, and all our thoughts brought to a common way of thinking: Overtures was born as a 5 members band (with Marco Falanga and Daniele Piccolo, back in 2003), and this the new circumstance can be a chance for us to start a new era!

Hopefully it will be a damn long-lasting one, with a finally stable and strong line-up, with a common feeling and a common dream to bound us together!

Thomas Titze is the guy we’re talking about: former member of Folk-Metallers Archer Divinity and folk/medieval band Corte di Lunas, he’ll share his experience and his lovely mood both as soloist and rhythmic guitarist with us, starting with this weekend’s shows!

Curious? We’re waiting for you!

Overtures new line-up:

Michele Guaitoli: vocals
Massimiliano Pistore: guitars
Thomas Titze: guitars
Luka Klanjscek: bass guitar
Andrea Cum: Drums