Overtures re-signed with Sleaszy Rider Records!

From the Sleaszy Rider Records website (sleaszyrider.com):

We are proud to announce that Italian melodic metallers Overtures resigned a multiple-albums contract with us. The band already prepared their next, 4th album, that will be released in the first months of 2016!

Michele Guaitoli, singer of Overtures announced the following statement:
Overtures is extremely proud to announce that for the third time, the upcoming album will be worldwide released by Sleaszy Rider Records! You have seen this name mentioned a thousand times on our website, on our facebook pages, on our twitter account, on the video we published…’cause since 2010, Overtures and Sleaszy Rider are a unique thing, and this amazing collaboration is not going to stop soon. The last details of the new contract that bounds Overtures and the label – after “Rebirth” and the successful “Entering the Maze” – are finally defined. This means that the first deal (that ended up after the release and promotion of “Entering the Maze”) is now renewed and will bring on a collaboration that looks like a marvelous friendship too, for more and more years.
So yes, the new, -untitled yet- album, will be once again released by Sleaszy Rider Records, an amazing label born in 1999 as a distributor, that in the years became the most important heavy label in Greece. Releasing in Greece names such as Whitesnake, Blackmore’s Night, Motorhead, Michael Angelo Batio etc. Sleaszy Rider also grows bands like Lucky Bastardz, Ashes You Leave, Holocaust, Spider Kickers…that are just a few name we’re sure you know…and Overtures are extremely proud to be an extremely important part of this family!”

Tolis G. Palantzas, owner/managing director of Sleaszy Rider Records stated:
“Think about what the the members of an ideal band must-have:
– they have to be great musicians; 
– they have to be talented and to compose unique music;
– they need to have a professional attitude, on stage and in generally;
– to be dedicated to the band’s obligations;
– to be devoted to the band and following endless tours worldwide;
– to be perfectionists, worried spirits who want to progress with every next step they follow;
– it’s needed to be kind persons, gentlemen and to have a smooth co-operation between them, with their label, with managers and tour-agents.

We recognize to Overtures all these features above and we are very happy to announce that we signed a new contract with this amazing Italian band!

In the aftermath of our great co-operation during the last 5 years, we resigned with them and we are looking forward to their next releases!’”