Studio Diary Ep.6: Additional Arrangements

STUDIO DIARY EP.6: Additional Arrangements!

Sixth episode of the studio diary, following Overtures’ recordings of the new album!

It would be a dream for every heavy/power/progressive metal band if an album could be made by 2 guitars, a bass, a drum, a lead voice and a bunch of choirs here and there only! The recording hours would be much less and the mixing process would be much easier.

But…a lot of arrangements are needed nowadays, and even the album that sounds to you extremely “clean” has tons of tracks hidden into it.

It depends on the sound and style of the band if the arrangements are made with guitars, keys, synths, acoustic guitars, banjos, 12-strings guitars, pianos, kazoo, bouzuki, harps, symphonic orchestras ecc. ecc.

Since RebirthOvertures chose to spend their time in the studio trying to find the right arrangement for every song, exploring the world of sounds that our age offers.

As you will see, it is Michele Guaitoli to write and record all the keys, pianos, orchestras, synths, and it is Marco Falanga who makes a hard work with his acoustic guitar to give something more to every part who asks for it.

This time, for the first time ever, the band also asked some friends to join them in this hard work.

Luca Bregant, who were also Overtures‘ bass-player during the Threshold-tour, revealed himself a great cello player too;
Luca Zanon, an amazing musician, sound engineer, producer, pianist and keyboard player, is helping the band to work on some additional keys and synths even while you are reading this lines;
Paolo Campitelli, Kaledon‘s keyboard player, who will compose the orchestra and keys for two tracks of the upcoming album;
Marco Pastorino: Secret Sphere‘s and Temperance guitar player, who is also an amazing singer, who will have some solo parts in a wonderful bind with Michele and…
Caterina Piccolo, not only a vocalist for the choir this time, but fort the fist time as lead vocalist too in a guest appearance!

Get ready for something special!